Module type Sigs.NODE

module type NODE = sig .. end
Proof node signature.

type t 
type seq_t 
Sequent type used for building proof nodes.

val mk_open : seq_t -> t
mk_open seq creates an open Proof.t node labelled by seq.
val mk_axiom : seq_t -> string -> t
mk_axiom seq descr creates an axiom node labelled by sequent seq and description descr.
val mk_backlink : seq_t -> string -> int -> Tagpairs.t -> t
mk_backlink seq descr target vtts creates a back-link node labelled by sequent seq, description descr, target index target and set of valid tag transitions (as pairs) vtts.
val mk_inf : seq_t ->
string -> (int * Tagpairs.t * Tagpairs.t) list -> t
mk_inf seq descr subgoals back creates an inference node labelled by sequent seq, description descr, a list of triples consisting of subgoal index, valid tag transitions and progressing tag transitions subgoals.

val dest : t -> seq_t * string
dest n returns (sequent, description). This works with all Proof.t nodes.
val dest_backlink : t -> seq_t * string * int * Tagpairs.t
dest_backlink n destroys a back-link node n, otherwise raises Invalid_arg.
val dest_inf : t ->
seq_t * string * (int * Tagpairs.t * Tagpairs.t) list
dest_inf n destroys an inference node n, otherwise raises Invalid_arg.

Functions for checking the sort of a node.
val is_open : t -> bool
val is_axiom : t -> bool
val is_backlink : t -> bool
val is_inf : t -> bool

Auxiliary functions for getting information from all nodes.
val get_seq : t -> seq_t
Get sequent labelling the node.
val get_succs : t -> int list
Get the successor node indices of this node.
val to_abstract_node : t -> Soundcheck.abstract_node
Convert Proof.t node to abstract node as in Soundcheck.

Pretty printing and Latex conversion.
val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
val to_melt : bool -> int -> t -> (bool -> int -> Latex.t) -> Latex.t
Convert to Latex. The first parameter is true when the node is the root.