Module Sl_tpair

module Sl_tpair: sig .. end
An ordered pair of SL terms.

include Utilsigs.BasicType
val unify : ?order:bool ->
?update_check:Sl_unify.Unidirectional.update_check ->
t Sl_unify.Unidirectional.unifier
Unify two pairs of terms, ignoring the pairs' internal ordering of members. The optional argument ~order has a default of false. When it is set to true then the internal order is honoured.
val biunify : ?order:bool ->
?update_check:Sl_unify.Bidirectional.update_check ->
t Sl_unify.Bidirectional.unifier
val order : t -> t
Return a permutation of the input that obeys the ordering E.g. order (x,y) will return (y,x) is x y > 0.
val subst : Sl_subst.t -> t -> t
val to_string_sep : string -> t -> string
val to_melt_sep : Latex.t -> t -> Latex.t
module FList: sig .. end
A list of term pairs.
module ListSet: Utilsigs.OrderedContainer  with type elt = t
A set of term pairs