Compiling Cyclist from scratch

Cyclist is hosted on the Cyclist GitHub repository.

To compile things from scratch you will need the following.

  • OCaml (tested with 4.02) [Debian packages: ocaml-nox, ocaml-native-compilers].

  • g++ and headers (tested with 6.2) [Debian packages: g++, libstdc++-6.2-dev].

  • Spot (version >= 2.4) [available at ] accessible via pkg-config.

  • PCRE bindings for OCaml (tested with 7.2.3) [Debian package: libpcre-ocaml-dev].

  • The dune ocaml build system (version >= 2.2).

  • Cyclist depends on the following OCaml packages.

    • hashset
    • hashcons
    • mparser (and it subpackage mparser.pcre)
    • ocamlgraph (tested with 1.8.7) [Debian package: libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev]

Then you need to clone the repository and run dune build.

git clone cyclist
cd cyclist
dune build