Compiling Cyclist from scratch

Cyclist is hosted on the Cyclist GitHub repository.

To compile things from scratch you will need the following (versions indicated are not minimums, ones we have tested):

  • OCaml (tested with 4.02) [Debian packages: ocaml-nox, ocaml-native-compilers]

  • g++ and headers (tested with 6.2) [Debian packages: g++, libstdc++-6.2-dev]

  • Melt (tested with 1.4.0) [Debian package: ocaml-melt]

  • Spot (tested with 2.2.1) [sources at ] — N.B. do not use versions 2.0.x and 2.1.x, since they contain a bug which can cause Cyclist to fail to find proofs.

  • PCRE bindings for OCaml (tested with 7.2.3) [Debian package: libpcre-ocaml-dev]

  • Ocamlgraph (tested with 1.8.7) [Debian package: libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev]

Then you need to clone the repository and run make.

$ git clone cyclist
$ cd cyclist
$ make

In non-standard installations you may need to change the paths in the top of